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Automatic Enrolment Services

Like all parts of life, how we manage our pensions is changing more than ever. At ASK Accountants, we help many people to make progressive and intelligent decisions about their pensions and thanks to the Pension Act 2008, we have to be more vigilant than ever or risk running out of opportunities to make the most of our pensions.

Auto-enrolment services are part of the ASK Accountants family, offering you a service that can easily ensure you are part of a pension scheme. All employers today must provide a clear workplace pension plan and to then automatically enroll each and every member of staff who is eligible for the program.

This law was brought in with the aim of trying to help improve and strengthen financial planning for the rest of your life. Many people fear they will reach retirement without enough financial support: well, automatic enrolment services ensure that staff who stick around will not have this issue. The plan is to try and reduce the strain on the state as well as improve the chances of people actually being able to keep money by when they finally reach the age of retirement.

However, many people do not sign up for pension schemes and this is where we come in; making sure that you either are part of any AES if you are eligible and to ensure that companies move as quickly as possible in appointing such a platform.

Those extra savings will be the difference between a state pension leaving you in poverty in later life, and a private pension that is going to help you be rewarded for all of those years of hard, honest work and labor.

While fully grasping and understanding such an issue can be hard, we’ll work with you to make sure that you are part of any AES and that, if you are an employer, that you have full access and potential to roll out auto-enrolment.

Any business that is serious about changing things in terms of their money management, then, is likely to find that we can assist.  


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