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Are you someone who carries out their UK taxation using the self-assessment platform? Then you, like many others, are likely beginning to feel the strain. As the end of the tax year approaches, you need to be able to start making adjustments to your self-assessment and make sure that it is handed in on the right date. A failure to do so, as you may know, can leave you with a late filing fee to pay as well as books to manage.

At ASK Accountants, we have a large wealth of self-assessment clients who want help in organizing and then preparing their books to go along with the service. Having a floor full of receipts and a Microsoft Excel document that makes your headache can be tough work. Why go through the stress, then? Why not just hire someone to do it for you? Someone like ASK Accountants, of course!

Doing this, you will be much more likely to deal with tax affairs, to make sure that all income, expenses, benefits, and pensions are fully declared and understood and that everything is in good hands. We can help you to better calculate your present tax position, and make sure that your capital gains, investments, and rentals are all put in place in the right columns and locations.

It takes a lot of work, of course, to get the process right but we will work with you to make sure everything is well in place long before issues could come up. Also, we’ll help you to send a full copy and also some explanatory notes to HMRC so that they can fully understand your position and your own issue.

Not comfortable in handling a discussion with the HMRC? Fear not: we can step in on your behalf as soon as we are needed. This will allow you to deal with the business while we argue your case with the revenue. For more help and information on the process, feel free to contact us we can be available to help manage any queries, questions, and discussions taking place with the authorities.

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